2 months old baby

Question: I think my baby is not getting proper milk very irritated by having milk

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Question: My baby is 1mnth old.he is not getting up properly not even having proper feed
Answer: Hi.. Dear to tell you frankly, the perfect way of increasing breast feed is nurse, nurse and nurse your baby. Also, it is very important that your baby takes feed in the correct way. If he/she is unable to latch on to the nipple or is in the wrong position, he/she will find it hard to feed.  Moreover, include oatmeal, fenugreek, garlic, spinach, green leafy vegetables and dry fruits, in your diet.. It will give you some and in breast milk production..
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Question: My baby is not drinkin formula milk an is very irritated not sleepin also properly
Answer: hello dear, isn't your baby drink breast milk. if your baby is exclusively feed on formula milk then maybe your baby is suffering from monotonous test or some digestion issue is there. Is your baby poop regularly? As your baby is not drinking milk properly your baby's stomach is empty and in empty stomach baby can't sleep properly. If this problem persist I will suggest you to once talk to your paediatric for a thorw check up of your baby.
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Question: Hi.. i think my bm is too watery n not thick.. is my baby not getting proper milk
Answer: Hi dear, breast milk is watery because it contain more than 90% of water thats why baby do not need water yill 6 months. Formilk is more watery after 10 15 mins of feed milk will be more thicker. Dont worry ur baby is getting proper milk.
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