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Question: I text a pregnancy on Monday it was positive after 2 days again if I text means it showing a invalid how come

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Answer: mam kai baar pregnancy kit mein result Sahi nahi aata hai agar ek baar positive or ek baar invalid aa raha hai to aap batter hai ki Kisi lab se apna urine test ya fir blood test karva ke pregnancy confirm karle.
Answer: Invalid doesn't mean negative. Try doing with another kit.
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Question: Recently I have taken pregnancy test it was positive. After how many days I should consult a doctor?
Answer: hi dear! so dear you should consult you doctor as there will be blood test tha has to be done and also your routine checkup will be started dear. so do visit your doctor as soon as you can. sont worry dear! take care dear! and congratulations dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: My lmp was 28 july, i have done pregnancy test a week ago it was showing 1dark and 1faint line, i have done 4times in this week it was only showing dark and 1faint but today again i had pregnancy test after 2 3minutes it was showing 1 dark and 1faint line but after 30mins it was showing both dark lines what it means
Answer: Then , congratulations you are pregnant,even if it's a faint like ,it shows you have started producing bhcg hormone which is called the pregnancy hormone , congratulations !!
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Question: Can we conceive again after ectopic pregnancy? If yes means how long it take?
Answer: yes absolutely, how long it's depend upon your egg quality..
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