Few days old baby

Question: I sat cross legged for few minutes by mistake during feeding my kid in the mid night.. I have vaginal stitches and doubt whether it's torn.. Will it be an issue

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Answer: They are not so weak that they can come off due to few minutes of sitting, but avoid sitting so, take care.
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Question: I am in my 2 weeks wait after my embryo transfer , by mistake i took my vaginal tablet estroflow orally, i didn't have any side effect but I am worried now, could you please help? Will it cause any issue ?
Answer: Dear if taken once it will not do any harm so don't worry about it ..but yes whenever you visit your doctor do tell her about this ..otherwise just relax and be very cautious about your medications..
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Question: By mistake I ate spicy food at night and I have stomach burning in morning... will it affects my baby, to be 7 months pregnant.
Answer: Hi! No dear it wont affect your baby , please try to avoid it in future. Please try chhaa or buttermilk, cold mik few sips to feel better with burning sensation. Hope you feel better soon.
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Question: I have viginal delivery yesterday. I have gotten few stitches in below there how many days it will be heal plz any one tell me it's very hurting
Answer: It will take 10 to 15 days...try to clean everyday and apply the cream
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