26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I need doctors advice only. I am 25 weeks 3 days pregnant, my internal os is closed n funneling is absent but cervical length is 2.8cms.my doc told me to take rest. N no physical activity .what are precautions to be taken.i am worried. Please guide me through this.

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Answer: full bed rest n nothing to worry dear
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Question: Hi dear, today anamoly scan done.they told internal os widened 2.1cm, funneling seen, cervix appear thin.they told me complete bed rest,or. Cervical suturing
Answer: Better to go with cervix cerclage(stitching).bed reat will not give that much support to lost the pregnancy to full term(i heard)
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Question: Hi, I 23 weeks pregnant, my cervix length is 2.8 and internal os closed and no funneling. Please experts guide me
Answer: Ok... Its better to take bed rest for uu.. it will decreases cervicL length
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Question: Cervical length is 2.8 MS internal OS closed please explain?? am 36 weeks preg
Answer: Cervical length min 3.5 to 4 normal... Is tis my doctor told me
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