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Question: I missed my period today is 8th day i did perganacy test but it sign faint pink line but i have headache today , then i didn't get dizziness today but last 4 days i had dizziness

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Answer: If you get 2 pink lines clearly, then only its a positive. One clear and One faint doesnt mean confirm positive. Consult your gynac for the same. They will do the blood test to confirm.
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Question: Hi mam I missed the periods it's 8th day for me today morning I did perganacy test I got faint pink line it's positive sign
Answer: Not sure. Wait for 3 days more and go for blood test for better result. All the best
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Question: Hi mam today is my 8th day period cycle I checked through the kit I got faint pink line its positive sign for perganacy
Answer: Hi if it is your birthday of missing period and you have checked and found faint pink lines this means you are weakly positive do your body has HCG hormone but it is not increasing the way it should increase at this time maybe that's why faint pink lines however since it is positive please do consult with your gynecologist who might help you with some supplements which will help you to sustain the pregnancy well.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I missed my periods for 4 days.. today i did pregnancy test found faint pink line in kit .. is that am pregnant ?
Answer: Hi.. Yes, there are chances. When you get pregnant your hCG level starts to increase. If there is a faint line it means that there is a small amount of hCG in your urine, usually because it's early in the pregnancy. You can try doing the test in couple of days again and see a gynaecologist.
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Question: My period is late by 1week....pregnency test i did today morning.....C line shows pink colour and T line shows faint pink line am i pregnant?
Answer: Hi! The pregnancy hormone HCG is present in your body thats sure. Would suggest you to take thd test again in a couple of days as the chances are high for the faint pink to be darker. You can also take an HCG blood test which will give you 100% accurate result. Good luck!
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