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Question: I missed my period on 29 nov, today i took pregnancy test but result is negative

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Answer: U do pregnency test after 45 days frm ur period for exact results.all the best
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Question: My period is missed but mu test result is negative
Answer: Hi you should do I get beta HCG test or after 8 days of missing a period we should do during pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy in case if the result is negative then the chances are due to later conception its shows little later in the reports are sometimes it is due to the delayed periods which also happens due to hormonal changes when you are trying to conceive but I need that case you should consult to the doctor
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Question: I missed ma period ma date is on 1 nov till now i didnt get period but ma pregnancy test result was negative what is the reason
Answer: Dear I would suggest you to wait for another week and repeat the test if the period still do not arrive. And if the test is still negative consult doctor as too much delay without pregnancy is also not good. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is it OK to miss second period after deliver?I had my periods on Oct27 but I missed it on Nov I took pregnancy test but its negative.
Answer: It takes months to regulate ur cycle so dont worry its normal.
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