36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm worrying about the water breaks..if it breaks then how can i see or recognize it How can i know it's amniotic fluid or not? I'm very tensed

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Answer: It's very simple dear. Ur dress ll get fully wet as if u urinated on it. It's like urine.
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Question: If the amniotic fluid breaks how long the baby can survive in the womb
Answer: Within 24 hrs the baby should be delivered so if aminotic fluid breaks go to hsptl immediately
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Question: How can I know if water breaks??
Answer: You start bleeding if the water breaks and also watery discharge starts leaking. I felt like poop and rushed to washroom and immediately water broke I felt that water rushed out and imediately went hospital at my 38 the weeks and delivered a baby boy 3 yrs back..
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Question: How do I know when water breaks? Can i control it? So how do I know whether it's a normal urinating or water breaks?
Answer: Same thing happened with me..after passing urine i was feeling v wet..as if pii nikal gaya hai..but whn i called d doc..he told me to rush to d hospital immediately..labour pain ho sakta hai..dat was d answer told by him..n i delivered normally d next day..
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