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Question: I m two mnths not period

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Answer: Check with pregnancy kit once
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Question: Hi...i m facing slight pain while urinating from past two days...i m six mnths it normal?
Answer: Hello dear U might be having urinary infection. UTI's are more common during pregnancy because of changes in the urinary tract. As the uterus grows, its increased weight can block the drainage of urine from the bladder, causing an infection. You can help prevent UTIs during your pregnancy by: 1. Emptying your bladder frequently, especially before and after sex 2. Wearing only cotton underwear 3. Avoiding perfumes, or sprays 4. Drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated 5. Avoiding any harsh soaps or body wash in the genital area
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Question: My baby is two mnths old...can i give him one tblspn of juice homemade not readymade?
Answer: I know dear please do not give anything to the baby other than breast milk on formula milk think the baby is 6 months old
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Question: I m 18 mnths prgnt still I m not feeling d movement of my baby. is it normal?
Answer: Yes...u should feel the baby movements by max 25 weeks for the first time
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