27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m suffering from so much leg pains whole night i cant sleep bcoz of leg pains plz tell some medicine what i do

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Answer: Hello dear... Leg pain in pregnancy can happen due to muscle cramps,weakness,and if the growing uterus pushes sarcastic nerves,to avoid leg pain and cramps ,have a nutrious diet with lot of fruits and vegetables,don't stand for long duration,make yourself hydrated,apply any pain relying ointment and bath with warm water,this may help a lot,try maternity yoga possess instructed by an instructor,will remove all your aches happens during pregnancy,if symptom presit for long period it is better to consult a doctor
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Question: Cant sleep at night i feel too much uncomfortable so tell me some suggestion for relief
Answer: Hi,this could be due to feeling uncommon because if the preassure big baby s increasing weight on the uterus expanding and stretching if muscles.you should take a warm water shower as this will help to soothen your nerves and will help you to get a sound sleep have a glass of warm milk or soak your legs in warm water before sleeping.get a legs massage done through your partner as this will also help to give you a sound sleep.hou should keep a pillow between your legs so that you feel comfortable.
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Question: From 2days i have no sleep i cant sleep whole sleep what can i do
Answer: Hello dear, During pregnancy due to harmonal changes, you may not get enough sleep, Drink warm milk before bed, Take bath with warm water before bed, Take light and digestive food in dinner, After dinner make a habit of walking 15 min, regularly. During bed time listen to good music or read good books,it will make your mind relaxed and promotes good sleep.
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Question: Hii dr plz help me i m 8 month pregnant currently i m suffering from intenstinal worm bcoz of that i cant sleep at night plz suggest me
Answer: I too faced same I used to write thoughts and what ever else I wanted to talk to aarohi that time.. When she Will grow up she might like it I hope
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