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Question: I'm still getting bleeding after my c-section..it's been 32 days by today..if I walk more r if I go out its bleeding more..for how many days I'll get bleed after c-section..ki dly reply

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Answer: Bleeding stays for maximum 45 days. But it should not be like this, if walk more or go out you will get more bleeding. I think you should consult the doctor about this. This is not usual.
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Question: Its been more than 40+ days after my c section. But still I could have little drops of bleeding on random days. Why is this happening?
Answer: after delivery there will be light bleeding or light spotting to 6 weeks. it is normal and you don't need to be well . if you have heavy bleeding you should consult a doctor .
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Question: It's been 47 days to my c section but it's still bleeding. Not heavy bleeding very little. What to do???
Answer: Hello momma, pls consult your gynec at the earliest. Postpartum bleeding should end max by 20 days. In your case it's been 47 days so please consult your gynec immediately.
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Question: Its been 26 days for me after c section. Still bleeding flowing. How many days usually it takes to stop.
Answer: Dear usually it takes upto 4-6 weeks at the most for the bleeding to stop completely. If it happens after that then you need to consult the doctor. Hope it helps.
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