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Question: I'm seven months pregnant. How to know the baby is healthy

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Answer: If her heartbeat is normal and if your child is kicing properly in every 2 mins then all is right and her weight you can chek by sonography
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    sushree sweetie598 days ago


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Question: hello ma'am...I m seven months pregnant...but my baby bump is not showing much...plzz suggest me how would I know that my baby is healthy?
Answer: Hello, Dear It's completely normal if you don't have baby bump that much during this week.. see baby bump completely depends upon your body weight and height.. some mom's have small baby bump and some have have big.. but the baby's growth is completely same in both cases. so if your baby growth is normal and there is no complications then it's completely fine to have a small baby bump . you still have 10 weeks with you so most probably you can flaunt your baby bump in coming weeks...so don't worry... and to know the exact growth of your baby you can get regular check ups and ultrasound that will help you know about the growth of a baby...
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Question: How to know the baby is healthy in womb
Answer: Hi dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy! Being pregnant itself brings lot of emotional and physical changes.and as a would be mother it's a constant thought if the baby is doing fine.so first of all relax,your baby is in a protective sac,where your placenta keeps providing nutrition through you.so eating healthy will keep you in peace that baby getting enough nutrition.secondly once you start feeling baby movements, regular movement would assure you that it's doing fine.lastly,your scans and blood works both Wil clinically proven your baby is alright.
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Question: how to know the baby is healthy?
Answer: Hello dear, the doctor wi prescribe you ultra sound scans and blood tests. Ultra sound will ensure the development and growth of the baby is going as per the weeks or not. Blood checks will ensure if there are any. genetic defect or problem. your doctor will guide you through all these and when to do. Don't worry, take care
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