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Question: I'm pregnant with twins, but my usg shows only one foetus that too of 6 weeks 2 days bt my lmp was 20th December, i'm also getting spottings after 3-4 days, i'm on hcg injections also, is there any complications by spottings

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Question: my lmp was 18th january 2018 but in usg it shows 5 weeks 6 days on 19th march 2018 and today on 31st march 2018 I also have usg and it shows 6 weeks 3 days
Answer: Your ovulation will take place after 14-16 days of your lmp. After ovulation only fertilisation and implantation occurs. USG will calculate baby's gestational period based on that. So according to that you are 2 weeks lagging than ur lmp
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Question: Hii.. my last period day was 16th aug. So it shows I'm 5th week pregnant. I did hcg blood test on 20th sept, which was 5th day after I missed period. The report shows, my hcg level is 25.40 mlU/ml. Is it very low level hcg? Is there anything serious? I'm so worried. Please help.
Answer: Not to worry... It's because it's just a start... Check after a week then you can see the changes... Hcg level shows less at early days it increases slowly just do retest after a week.
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Question: I'm one month pregnant my first beta hcg level 964 & second hcg level is 2297 & I'm worried because my first was ecotopic at that time also beta hcg level was high
Answer: Hi don't worry beta hcg can be high due to twins also. Don't worry keep consulting the doctor
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