5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm one month pregnant my first beta hcg level 964 & second hcg level is 2297 & I'm worried because my first was ecotopic at that time also beta hcg level was high

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Answer: Hi don't worry beta hcg can be high due to twins also. Don't worry keep consulting the doctor
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Question: Hi every one my weight is not increase to much my normal weight is 67 kg and now only 70 kg I'm 7 month pregnant im little worried plz help
Answer: 70kg in 7th month is normal...by end of 9th month u should be of 73kgs...so don't worry...😊😊
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Question: My period got delayed by 4 days and blood report shows HCG level 0.10...does that mean iam pregnant
Answer: No u are not. U are suffering from hormonal imbalance dear tgats why period got delayed.
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Question: Hi everyone, I'm 35 weeks pregnant, I did my scan today it shows that Single Loop cord around the neck...I'm worried.. is it possible for normal delivery
Answer: Yes dear it's possible if the baby change its position in some cases
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