2 months old baby

Question: I'm one and half of month motherhood, I was getting vomit and back pain so I consult the doctor they said to get the abdomen scanning.. But in scanning its showing that I have gallstones.. Please let me know how to dissolve it without surgery...

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Answer: I'm c-section delivered motherhood,, so I don't want to get surgery again so plz suggest me some solution....
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Question: I had been to vaginal scanning and they said heartbeat could not be seen what is the reason
Answer: Hello... Dear noheart beat after conception fertilised egg may not develop,but if uerus and gestational sac look normal, and no heart beat can wait for one more week and there is a chance to get heart beat of fetus, so don't get worried
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Question: Hi doc said i hv a retroverted uterus and recently am getting lower back pain, is this normal or its bad pls let me Know..and tell me the sleeping positions too
Answer: Hi dear, Retroverted uterus is not an issue in Pregnancy.i am glad you could conceive.as the conception could be an issue ,but since you already conceived,it should not be a pribl m.the back pain is caused due to hormonal surge and fluctuations. Sleeping on back side has its risks like increased weight would press the large spinal nerve,there by giving you breathlessness ,dizzyness and also increased water retention,as circulation of fluids gets interrupted.moreover,sleeping on left side is preferred,as it is beneficial to baby.circulation of blood and nutrition to baby is better and also it aids in water retention.although I understand, pregnancy is a difficult time to move around and sleeping due to increased weight and size,so sleeping on back accidentally for some time is fine.but make sure you are sleeping on sides mostly.use a pillow in between the legs,for comfort and support...
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Question: I'm one and half of month motherhood.... I m c-section delivered mother.. From 2days I'm getting vomiting and full of back pain. As I eat the food firstly I getting unbelievable back pain and then after half an hour I'm getting vomiting... Only after vomiting the back pain come too normal till that I m hving full of back pain... Wat s the solution, plz suggest me
Answer: Dear back pain is completely normal after cesarean and it happens because of anesthesia injection in the back. So do some hot compress frequently on your back that will give you relief. For vomit simply chew on peppermint leaves.You can simply inhale the freshness of oranges or sip orange juice to alleviate the vomiting sensation.Just squeeze half a lemon into one glass of warm water and add a teaspoon of honey and drink this juice daily in the morning. You can consume a bowl of yoghurt 1-2 times in a day for a sated feeling. But if the problem remains same then please consult with your doctor about it ..
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