15 years old baby

Question: I m in 36week there is a cord around babys neck in this case normal delivery can happen or not? Because dr told us fr cesearine should i wait or go for operation plzz suggest

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Question: Dr. Told me that there is cord around the neck of baby... Now Normal delivery is possible or not??
Answer: Dear its normalmfor baby to get cord around neck and it happens when baby moves and change its position in womb. There is nothing serious in it. If there is only single loop of ord then normal delivery is possible but if there is 2 loops then normal delivery is not possible..
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Question: My sister's sonography shows..a single loose cord around the baby neck...is normal delivery possible in this case..??
Answer: Single loose cord generally create no problem ,it may unwrap on its own Now it's too early to protect normal delivery or C section The only way it could cause a problem is if the umbilical cord became compressed Which usually happens when you get labour contractions,at that time doctors will monitor heart rate of baby, if heart is dropping during contractions ,doctors usually out for C section, if nothing unusual vaginal delivery can be expected. Take care
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Question: I m 36wks pregnancy doctor said umbilical cord around baby neck.. Normal delivery is possible in this case or not??
Answer: In some cases thr are chances while baby moving they remove umbilical cord which is around thr neck then u have chances of normal delivery otherwise it is difficult
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