14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m in 3 month and my legs pain allot at night bcoz of which I m unable to sleep what should i do

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Answer: Have a good leg message due to weight it happens. Body pain is quiet common in pregnancy. Apply some oil to legs before sleep .
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Question: i m 6 weeks pregnant. i have pain in my legs during night. cant sleep full night. what to do
Answer: Hello! These steps work whenever you have a leg cramp: Stretch your calf muscles immediately by straightening your leg, heel first, and gently flexing your toes back toward your shins. (Don't point your toes while stretching. It can make the muscle contract and worsen the cramp.) This stretch might hurt at first, but it will ease the spasm and gradually make the pain go away. After you stretch, massage the muscle or warm it with a hot water bottle to relax the tissue. Walking around for a few minutes may help too. there's no surefire way to prevent leg cramps during pregnancy. But these tips might help make them less likely: Don't stand or sit with your legs crossed for long periods of time. Stretch your calf muscles regularly during the day and several times before you go to bed. Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes whenever you sit down, eat dinner, or watch TV. Take a walk every day (unless your healthcare provider has advised you not to exercise). Lie down on your left side to improve circulation to and from your legs. Drink water regularly to stay hydrated during the day. Try a warm bath before bed to relax your muscles.
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Question: Hi ! Im 36 weeks preg and my vagina is paining very badly , i am unable to walk most of the time what should i do , at night also im unable to sleep bcoz of the pain !
Answer: Hello Stomach pain cramps back aches are all normal during pregnancy it's due to ur baby Growing taking up all the space wch creates lots of pressure on ur stomach it's the reason u feel the cramps or tight feeling. The uterus also puts pressure on ur pelvis and vaginal muscles is the reason u get back pains or cramps. Some women also get pain in their legs. The growing uterus puts alot of pressure on ur bladder as well that's the reason for ur frequent bathroom visits. U can use cold or hot compress. Use pillow between ur legs and behind ur back while sleeping. Take a warm bath. Massage lightly with coconut oil or olive oil.
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Question: I m in 30th week of pregnancy. I am unable to sleep at night due to leg cramps and backache. What should I do?
Answer: try to have calm sleep by keeping soft pillows under each of your arms and 2 pillows under your feet.sleeping on left side would help you out too.
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