39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having white smelly discharge it this normal at this stage of pregnancy

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Answer: Dear white smelly discharge can be because of infection in vaginal area. So please consult with your gynaecologist and get a checkup done and urine test to confirm it.
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Question: Swelling of feet started please let me know what it indicates at this stage of pregnancy
Answer: Water retention increases during pregnancy final month. drink lots of water throughout the day and avoid excess salt and also check your BP level. Don't sit hanging your legs for longer time always use a foot rest whenever you are standing or sitting for longer time in same position. During sleeping keep pillow under your feet.
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Question: I m having lot of leg cramps nd white discharge 6week pregnancy is this normal???
Answer: This is absolutely normal. Don't worry. Cramps and white discharge both are quite usual at early stages. But If your discharge is more frequent and have bad smell or unusual smell contact ur doctor.
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Question: Is it adviceable to totally aviod intercourse at this very stage of pregnancy
Answer: Yes...no matter whether the doctor have told you that you can have intercourse but completely avoid it in first trimester
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