17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m having urine at every 10 to 15 min

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Question: Hlo I am passing urine in every 15 to 20 min ..is this normal?
Answer: During pregnancy it's quite normal because you drinking more water eating fruits and all so it's common and of you have doubts take urine test
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Question: Frequent urine with I 15 to 10 min y
Answer: Hello dear. The extra blood flow, makes your kidney produce more urine. This urine production peaks at 9 to 16 weeks, then it would settle down gradually. Other reason might be due to the pressure on the  bladder, from the growing uterus. Take care.
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Question: i am having light pain in lower abdoman and back every 10-15 min
Answer: It might be an initial sign of labour take rest and keep check on duration and frequency of contractions.
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