30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m having twins with 7th month completed on 5th march...since night movements are not as usual ...what should i do....m worried

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Answer: why you should wait for sometime or try and take cold milk or fresh fruit juice and take good rest by lying down towards the left side position if even when the baby movements doesn't improves then yes you should consult to the doctor
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    Shalini Sharma838 days ago

    Yes i have tried but no such improvement...so m going to the doctor for further consultation...thanks

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Question: hi i m having vaginal pain on left side since last night. what should I do?
Answer: Hello dear It is normal to feel pain and a bit heaviness in vagina. It's not just the third trimester when those aches and general feelings of heaviness may strike but u can feel it in ur entire pregnancy. Remedies for vaginal pain: 1. Rinsing the area with cool water. 2. Soaking in cool or warm baths. 3. Using topical ice packs wrapped in a towel. 4. Heating pad use, may help some women. 5. Using mild, unscented soaps and detergent.
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Question: I m having twins and 10 weeks completed so what extra precaution I should take
Answer: Hi,with twins you need to be very careful You need to be very attentive on the duet that you are having Also you should be slow in your activities. You may feel more tired . You should take care of proper intake if calcium and vitamin You should have plenty of fruits and vegetables..and grains. You should have good AMT if calories You should keep monitoring your bp You need to be careful from getting preterm labor
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Answer: Sleep on the left side. The pain is normal. Will reduce with rest
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