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Question: I m having problem in my eye...as suddenly the visibility of my right eye has reduced since 4 days...n could see a spot when i continuously blink my eyes fast..i have a blur vision with right eye

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Answer: Hi! it is common during pregnancy but if it is bothering you too much you can talk to your doctor during pregnancy a lot of people a face issues with their eyesight or vision it is common .. Hope this helps!
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    If i close my left eye ...there is no visibility with my right eye...is dis much visibility loss is common n normal???

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Question: My baby has running eyes and pus in right eye since 2 days.he is 4 month old.is it a problem?
Answer: Hello dear. Many healthy young infants can have watery or ''mattery'' eyes. It is normal for parents to wonder if their baby has pinkeye or aneye infection. Actually, the usual cause is a small, blocked tear duct. Fortunately, it is harmless and won't affect ur baby's eyes. A simple remeedy will fix it. Carefully clean the eyelids using a warm, wet washcloth if tears build up and leave crusts. For infants, you may try gently massaging the area 2 to 3 times a day. Using a clean finger, rub the area from the inside corner of the eye toward the nose. This may help to open the tear duct. Hope this helps.
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Question: My son has watery eyes since birth he is 11 days old.now i can see his eye a bit red.i have been suggested gentamycin drops thrice a day.
Answer: Hello! Watery eyes are sometimes due to the clogged tear ducts. It is common in newborns and gets better after few days. Make sure that you clean the baby's eyes with a clean cotton dipped in warm water and keep a cotton cloth handy to wipe of the water. Take care
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Question: I am 6.5 months pregnant,everythng was normal till now but suddenly my one eye visibility is reduced. When i am blinking my eyes one black spot is seen...m very scared why it has happened suddenly.kindly help me out
Answer: u can consult an optamologist. sometimes women have eye problems in preg
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