32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having piles now. Its painful, can any one suggest me whether i can have Himalaya pilex tablets?

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Answer: Hi dear Himalaya pilex tablets are supposed to be safe because they are Ayurvedic and there should not be any side effect but I would to suggest you to please take your doctor's opinion first before you start consuming the tablets.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am in my 13th week. I have piles and its getting me feel so scared. Is it safe to have Himalaya Pilex tabs during pregnancy? If not how can i get cured?
Answer: It is common to get piles in pregnancy due to the pressure on rectum while delivering the baby. I would recommend you to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day to avoid constipation and eat watery fruits that contain more of water such as watermelon, oranges, grapes these will help you improve fast and also help you breastfeed milk properly. Eating a fibrous meal is very important when you feel constipated also it will help your body to ease out stools properly. Include more of cereals, dals and bread in your diet. Eating plain yoghurt, banana with yoghurt and any probiotic supplement that your gynae might prescribe you, or if not then you can yourself choose probiotic supplements like Yakult available on pharmacy outlets, these will help your digestive system also reducing the bowel discomfort. You must exercise. Kegel exercise is helpful to strengthen the anal and rectal muscles which will help the recovery process. in improving the circulation in the rectal area. frequently visit the loo whenever you feel a little grumble in your stomach or movements, don't hold back the stools as it may dry up inside your rectum and will be difficult to pass later on. Apply an ice pack on the infected area to reduce swelling and immediate relief from pain. Ensure the ice pack has a soft covering. Take painkillers as prescribed by your gynae. you should apply cream or lotion provided by your gynae over the anal area thrice or more in a day. laxatives in the form of oral suspensions are helpful to lubricate the stools and prevent extra pressure on rectum take Evict or similar laxative 5ml three-four times a day. With all the medical advice we also recommend to take turmeric in food and also apply a thick paste over the infected area, turmeric helps in healing. if your piles don't respond to the above recommendations or you feel more pain than before, or see blood in the stools even after a month of treatment, then you should visit your gynae to know more about the current status. Hope it helps! Take care
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Question: I'm having piles in my stools and have a lot of pain can any one help me
Answer: Hello dear... Piles or hemorrhoid after delivery is usually common,it has higher chance to occur when you have vaginal delivery, happens due to straining of anal muscles during labour,it can occur in cesearaen section too, follow these steps,it might be helpful in reducing hemorrhoid... Fibre rich diet Include more fibre in your diet,which includes whole wheat,cereals,lentils, vegetables and fruits in your diet Fluid Intake It is essential to drink atleast two to three litre of water,can include juice,soups will also give better releif,drink Buttermilk, muskmelon juice twice a week will be greater relief Coconut oil Coconut oil is known for its antiinflammatory properties,dip a cotton ball in coconut oil and massage in hemorrhoid,will be more effective Aloe Vera gel Aloe Vera has great cooling effect,applying aloe Vera gel in hemorrhoid helps in reducing burning sensation,and also reduces pain Ice pack Icepack massage is known as best hemorrhoid treatment,you can tie four to five ice cube in muslin cloth,and give massage will reduce burning sensation Hemorrhoid cream You can also apply hemorrhoid ointment prescribed by doctor will also be effective
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Question: Hi I m suffering from fissure issue from 1month ...it's very painful while passing stool please advise some medicine which I can take during lactation my baby is 56 days old...I am already taking himalaya pilex ka tablets but no relief as of now also please let me is himalaya pilex can be taken during lactation?..please help...thanks
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Fissures is mainly due to constipation. Constipation is a common problem in and after pregnancy due to hormone changes. You have to drink warm water especially before potty so that motion will become lose. Mustard fried on pan and powdered with ajwain powder gives immediate relief to constipation making stool smooth. Take a pinch of both powders with warm water. Include more fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables in diet.Take sitz bath so it makes stool smooth and relieves from fissure pain and bleeding. Stop those tablets and don't take any tablets without consulting doctor as your baby is too small. Consult doctor if pain is more for ointment. Take care
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