1 months old baby

Question: I m having lice, can anyone suggest permanent solution to it?

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Answer: Hello, you can apply Kapoor mixed with coconut oil on your hair it helps out in lice. also there are medicated shampoos and medicines that you can apply to your hair and just wash it with mild shampoo for lice. please contact your gynecologist and seek for medication. hope this helps
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Question: 3 months baby having head lice.. Irritating.. Any solution ?
Answer: Hello, Dear it's best to coconut oil and comb baby's hair with small lice comb.Comb the hair in sections starting at the scalp and working to the end of the hair strands with a fine-tooth comb. The closeness of the teeth of the comb will help trap the lice in the comb and you can then remove them from your newborn’s hair strands. Do not use lice treatments with chemicals or home remedies on newborns without consulting your health care provider first.
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Question: Can anyone help me out for lice
Answer: Hello dear, here are some natural remedies for treatment for head lice at home.  Lice Comb..... Use a head lice comb. The teeth of the comb are sharp and can hurt your baby. It is most advisable to use oil or conditioner with the comb, to enable easy gliding of the comb through your baby's hair.  Oil.... Baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, have all been found to be effective in natural head lice treatment. Make sure however, that you do not overdo it. Moisture is one of the biggest factors that help head lice thrive.  Vinegar..... if you are using 1tbsp of vinegar, mix it with 2 tbsp of water, and then use this solution on your baby. Apply the solution to your baby's hair, leave it on for around half an hour, then dip your lice comb in the solution and comb through.  Sunlight.... One of the best ways, hence, to get rid of head lice is to expose them to sunlight and kill them off.  Make sure you do not expose your baby to harsh sunlight. Choose the early morning sunlight – it is also good for Vitamin D. Hope it helped Take care ur little one....
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Question: Hi Frnds m having fever now can I breastfeed Pls anyone suggest me
Answer: Hi.. Under most of the circumstances, the answer to it is Yes. If you have standard fever, cold, soar throat, it is fine to breast feed. Since your body is mounting an immune response, you pass those illnesses fighting antibiotics to your baby while you breast feed, which will protect your toddler. Also, if you will discuss this with your doctor he/she will ask to take a minor tablet, for instant relief. For this, you will have to speak to your doctor first.
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