29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm having itching in the palm and feet which bearable but irritating at night. Is it a matter of concern. I currently 29 weeks pregnant

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Question: I am 29 weeks pregnant. I am suffering from itching on my stomach and in my palm and feet. It become worst at night. Please suggest some remedi for itching.
Answer: Apply moisturiser or coconut oil over the area which itches..check your liver function since cholestasis of pregnancy can also cause itching that's nt good fr you and fetus..if its normal juz u can continue with moisturiser or some calamine lotion to relieve itching...
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Question: Is swelling of feet normal in pregnancy or is it a matter of concern
Answer: Its common no need to worry. Decrease salt intake .while u sit or stand for a longer time swelling may observe.put a pillow under ur legs while sleeping.regular walk is also recommended.hope this will be helpful
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Question: Iam having itching on my palm and feet in 25 weeks of pregnancy what to do
Answer: During pregnancy itching is very common,it is because of dry ness of skin, insufficient water intake. You can apply lactocalmine lotion or alo era gel on your body.it will relief you. Also apply Himalaya anti rash cream. After applying this product you're not get relief then you have to do Liver function test. If liver enzymes are increased then itching is there. During pregnancy Liver enzymes are increased.so doctor will advise you medicine for same, Don't ignore this itching .
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