38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m feeling lot of weakness now a days...I m 32 week pregnant..plz suggest sum remedy...

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Question: I m a 27 week pregnant woman,suffering from cold and cough.I m having a lot of bodyache,headache and feeling stuffed.plz suggest some cure or remedy??
Answer: Hello dear. Take lots of hot water. This is a magical remedy to all your problems. Keep sipping water every 30 minutes, so you stay hydrated, and your throat is soothed. Any phlegm,in the throat and nasal passage will melt down. Also, Take hot soup with pepper powder, watery tea made with the ginger. Make haldi milk by boiling milk with turmeric powder, pepper powder and add 1 tsp honey and drink. It will soothe the throat and heal the raw feeling caused by coughing. It will also give you good sleep. If you can get palm candy, suck on it. It will soothe the throat pain. Take steam inhalation, with 2 drops of eucalyptus oil. Cold will melt off and stuffiness will clear.
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Question: I am running into 32 nd week now...today I am feeling a lot of movements continuously..is this normal?
Answer: Hello, In last month baby use to do alot of movement and strong movements because it try to adjust. So everything is normal . Don't worry and enjoy these kicks...
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Question: I am 5 months Pregnant & feeling short of breath weakness & a lot of Non Stop Cough. What shall i do.?
Answer: Suffocation during pregnancy is normal dear don't worry drink plenty of water, take fresh air, and b happy
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