5 months old baby

Question: I m breast feeding mother can i eat curry?

2 Answers
Answer: hi , you can eat curry during breast feeding ,that shouldnt be a problem at all
Answer: Yes..ofcourse u can
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Question: M breast feeding mother can i eat raajma and chole...
Answer: Hi dear, it is not advisable during early breastfeeding due to gas produce food. But after 3 month you can have in little amount just for taste, if you have carve.
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Question: I m breast feeding mother can i eat pudina
Answer: Yes u can as this is the time whatever u eat the baby will get it taste in milk , but this does not mean that u eat in exceeded limit .
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Question: My baby is 3months old can i eat lady'sfinger curry am breast feeding mother
Answer: Hi dear yes ladies finger curry is safe for you to eat you can have it in moderate quantity
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