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Question: I m almost 9 months pregnant now. My last 29+ week usg report is my baby placenta is cephalic position. What is mean by it ? Can i expect the normal delivery?

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Question: I am 38 weeks pregnant. My last scan report shows that my placenta is lower margin 5.4 cms from internal os . Position of my placenta is anterior. Can i expect normal delivery. This is my second pregnancy. Already normal delivery.
Answer: Yes dear, your report is completely normal just do mild walk regularly that will help baby to get lower and engage its head for birthand you can delivery your baby with normal delivery...
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Question: my report by 34th week was cephalic presentation can the baby position still be changing?
Answer: Cephalic presentation is ideal for normal delivery it changing in the last 2-3 weeks is less usual because the baby is almost full size .
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Question: My first delivery c section. Now I am 37 week pregnant. In my scanning report baby is cephalic position. Placenta is posterior and placenta is in lower margin away from internal is. If it possible normal delivery. Please tell me...
Answer: Hi Some rare cases had done normal delivery after c section...in most cases it is not possible because your utrerus ll be ruptured in first c section and muscle.ll lose elasticity to give normal birth so most doctors ll not take risk as it sometimes lead for complication... So do not worry on that from now and stay relax some had given normal birth after c section it may happen..
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Question: What ia mean by presentation cephalic n my baby weight is 1270 +/- at 29 week tell me is this normal?
Answer: Cephalic presentation means your baby is in head down position.... yes normal
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