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Question: I'm a patient of pco and I'm not getting pregnant my doctor prescribed me greatin tablet, folic acid tablets , sure ma tablets and letrozole Can I conceive with this. If yes how much time it will take

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Answer: Dear these are hormonal medicine which will help induce hormones for pregnancy. Chances are high of pregnancy but depends upon body to body. Sometimes it can give a positive result in 1 cycle and sometimes it can take time.. but dont be negative and be very much positive. Hopefully you will get pregnant soon..
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Question: Hello ,I am in my 5th month pregnancy my doctor told me to take iron and calcium tablets and no need to take folic acid tablets...Is it ok if I will not take folic acid tablets this time..
Answer: Hii...Yes dear take iron and calcium tablets as ur doctor advised....start eating whole egg which is cooked well,banana etc which are rich in folic acid...
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Question: I had taken folic acid tablets in first trimester. Now doctor has prescribed me to take iron n vitamin tablets... should i continue to take folic acid tablet
Answer: Hi! Yes dear folic acid is very important in pregnancy. Folic acid helps in neural birth defects in baby and lower the chance of miscarriage by preventing anemia and also helps the body to create and maintain new cells specially RBC. Hope this helps!
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Question: I'm taking folic acid tablet and vitamin D3 tablets at a time? Is it OK?
Answer: Yes it's also have to take iron tab ones a day
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