33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm a 32 weeks pregnant mother.by now i have faced for about 10 scans.will it be a problem to my baby?

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Answer: Hello dear Ultrasounds are completely safe for the baby at any stage. There are no known risks associated with ultrasounds to the fetus. Ultrasounds do not use radiation at all and that is why they are so safe.
Answer: No .. nothing will happen..don't worry
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Question: I'm 32 weeks pregnant now .i have lower belly pain from last night ....is it okay
Answer: Hi. Your baby may have got in cephalic presentation and since baby head is doen he is putting pressure on pelvic area. So dont worry. This kind of pain is quite common during pregnancy.
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Question: I am 32 weeks pregnant I have ecoli infection in urine about greater than 10000, my doctor prescribed me norflaxcin 250 twice a day I took for 7 days now again I'm feeling light burning while peeing why is it so, why it didn't cure till now, and also I'm drinking lots of water. Will it create any problem for my baby
Answer: If you still feeling symptoms visit doctor for check up immediately. As you have low immunity during pregnancy it may need more time and treatments. Don't leave it uncured!
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Question: Hi..I'm 6 weeks pregnant...I have one doubt about the partners blood group..I'm B- and my husband A+ ...is it any problem of baby ?..
Answer: I think yes, you have to mention to your doctor that you have negative blood group. They might administer some medicines at the right time. Then the baby should be fine.
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