37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 9 months pregnant... And i want to purchase breast nursing pads... But i cant find any best online maternity app from which i can buy it.... Can someone tell me from where should i buy it easily...????

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Question: Good morning, which is the best brand for maternity pads and how many should i buy.
Answer: Hey how you😃...i never used any special pads..used th stayfree XL ones..that was enough..you an try the normal pads too..just change it every three hours
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Question: Hello all, from when can i start wearing maternity pads? Are they different from normal pads? And which pads are best and safe
Answer: Hi post delivery immediately you need to wear maternity pad and they are different from regular pads as they are thick and large and have more absorbent. As post delivery the bleeding is more as the regular pads are not useful.
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Question: Hello.. My baby is 28 days old. While breastfeeding my breast are leaked milk . Should i use nursing pads ?? From where i can get nursing pads . And which one is good washable or disposable ???
Answer: Hi dear,yes you can use nursing pads ,wellu can't say from where you can get as u dint know where are you residing You can use washable nursing pads as they are good too.
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