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Question: I'm 8 months pregnant. My baby weighs around 2 kgs now. Is there any chance for normal delivery? My EDD is 13th april

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Answer: It depends on the condition at time of labour, contraction, pelvis, and baby weight... drink lots of water nd take proper, healthy food to increase the weight of the baby
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    Amudhapriya687 days ago

    Thanks for your ans. My frnds n relatives tell that my baby weight is more now and it will increase to more than 3 kgs within delivery time and it will make normal delivery impossible. Are they right? Am very scared of c sec delivery. I wish for normal delivery. Pls give me suggestions for normal delivery

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Question: I'm 38 weeks pregnant. My baby is in breech positions... Is there any chance for normal delivery...?
Answer: Dear at this stage baby wouldn't be changing the position. A baby breech position is when baby is not head down and is, instead, butt or feet down. About 3% of babies are in breech position when they are full-term. Sharing a way which my gynae shared to help in getting to move baby in head down position try if this works for u. The aim is to tip your baby back up and out of your pelvis, to give him more room to turn around. Don't let your thighs press against your bump and keep your knees hip-distance apart. Maintain this position for 15 minutes, several times a day. Lie on your back with your hips slightly elevated (breech tilt). Hoow this helps.
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Question: I'm 9th month pregnant with gestational diabetics .. my edd is April 20.. is any chances for normal delivery...
Answer: Hi... Having gestation diabetes is not a contraindication for normal delivery If your body weight and BMI is good If your pelvis is adequate If ur baby weight is normal and if baby is not macrosomic If babies heart rate etc is normal Then chances of Normal delivery is high and good
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Question: Is there any chance of normal delivery when there is a cord around neck of baby?
Answer: Yes in case one loop is around the neck then there is chances of normal delivery even normal delivery is done in case of two loops also but very rare doctors can take this risk.
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