33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 8 months nd 12 days pregnant..can i eat papaya????

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Answer: Hi.. Dear a papaya that is not ripe contains concentrated harmful enzymes, which may lead to miscarriage and bleeding..and it is difficult to identify ripe or unripe, so it is better not to consume..
Answer: No pa after delivery u can eat
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Question: I m 12 weeks pregnant, can i eat ripe papaya?
Answer: No. Since you are in the beginning stage of pregnancy avoid eating papaya both raw or ripe and pineapples because these are heat inducing fruits which might effect your pregnancy..
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Question: Can I eat papaya? I m 12 week pregnant
Answer: No no papaya increases heat to our body which causes miscarriages...so it is not suggestable to eat papaya during pregnancy.. Hope this info helps
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Question: Hello m 5 months pregnant can i eat papaya I like to eat papaya
Answer: No u can't eat papaya because papaya can cause highly miscarriage chances..papaya ,pineapple and mango are not to be eaten in pregnancy
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