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Question: I'm 7 month pregnant, my scanning report breech presentation, any problem

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Answer: Breech means your baby is upside down.mostly it changes as pregnancy time pass by.but if it is breech in late also then normal vaginal delivery is difficult and c section is the only way
Answer: The baby will turn itself to normal position by 9th month. If not then a c-section will be done. Nothing to worry.
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Question: breech presentation at 30 week scanning..is there any problem??
Answer: There are some natural turning techniques that may help you to change the bottom-first position of your breech baby. Adopting a knee-to-chest position. Kneel on a mat on the floor with your bottom in the air, and your head, shoulders and upper chest flat to the floor. The aim is to tip your baby back up and out of your pelvis, to give him more room to turn around. Don't let your thighs press against your bump and keep your knees hip-distance apart. Maintain this position for 15 minutes, several times a day. Lie on your back with your hips slightly elevated (breech tilt). Place a pillow under your hips and have your knees bent. Repeat up to three times a day for 10 minutes at a time. Try to do this when you have a reasonably empty tummy and when your baby is active. Moxibustion (moxa) is a form of traditional Chinese medicine used to try to turn breech babies. It uses a moxa stick, which looks like a big cigar, on an acupuncture point on the body. This is usually between the toes for breech presentation. When the herbal stick is burned, it should encourage your baby to move and hopefully turn from breech (bottom first) to cephalic (head first). It will certainly increase your baby’s movements if nothing else! 
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Question: hello am 32week pregnant today scanning report says breech presentation wt is it mean
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Most babies will move into delivery position a few weeks prior to birth, with the head moving closer to the birth canal. When this fails to happen, the baby's buttocks and/or feet will be positioned to be delivered first. This is referred to as “breech presentation". Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: I'm 6 month pregnant. Ultrasound mai mere breech presentation show hai. Breech presentation means?
Answer: Breech presentation is defined as a fetus in a longitudinal lie with the buttocks or feet closest to the cervix.This is not normal and it's more serious than the baby's head being up instead of down. During your pregnancy, your baby constantly moves in the uterus and may be in any position.
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