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Question: I'm 6week 6days pregnant and had a history of PCOS and had my 1st ultrasound yesterday but the radiologist found that i have small chorionic bleeding is it harmful I'm worried a lot i have got pregnant after 3years and tgey said baby heartbeat is also 86bpm...pls reply

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Question: Supposed to be 11months but ultrasound shows 5 to 6 weeks got pregnant with pcos and have a history of miscarriage twice before. Worried please answer thank you
Answer: Is heartbeat seen? Are baby vitals doing god? Do not worry next scan at 12 week /14 week Dr will evaluate the growth and advise isoxsuprine tabs to overcome poor fetal circulation. Do not worry. It needs to be evaluated for an iugr Keep me updated Do not worry.
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Question: What is sub chorionic bleeding... Iam 8 week pregnant. Yesterday i got a bleeding and went to dr. After ultrasound scanning the outcome was subchorionic bleeding
Answer: Hello, I think it's subcronic bleeding is the most common sonographic abnormality in the presence of a live embryo.Subchorionic bleeding occurs when the placenta detaches from the original site of implantation.These lift apart and form another sac between the placenta and the uterus.The movement and resulting clots are what cause this type of  bleeding.It's increases the risk of miscarriage in patients with vaginal bleeding and threatened abortion during the first 20 weeks of gestation. However, it does not affect the pregnancy outcome measures of ongoing pregnancies.
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Question: Hi..I'm 5week 6days pregnant..I scanned yesterday.. heartbeat not found..I'm so worried ..is there any problem..I have to rescann after two weeks..my last period was 27th Jan..pls reply
Answer: Nothing to worry about it, sometime heartbeat can find in 7-8 weeks. So just relax and follow the instructions of your gynecologist.
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