23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 6months Pregnant . Today I had a blood Test where i Found "Liver Profile" My SGPT is "60" . I want to know about SGPT & is it Normal ??

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Answer: hi dear! so your sgpt is mild elevation but do you have any itching in the body . also si your sgot also normal. and dont worry it wont cause any problem dear. so relax dear! take care.
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Question: I m 28 weeks 4 days pregnant and I had severe itching all over my body. I was suggested for SGPT test and found that my SGPT level is 645 IU/L and the normal range should be upto 40 IU/L. Now I am suggested for Liver function test. What should I do? Is it dangerous for me or my baby?
Answer: Hi dear, you are right, normal range for SGPT is 45 for women. Suggestion of liver function test is the correct one. This test will tell us where exactly the issue is and doctor can treat you accordingly. There will be no problem to your baby... Don't worry at all.. Meantime you try to inrske more of vitamin D, lot of green leaf curry, avoid food that has high salt and sodium, avoid junk foods and deep fried foods. All will be ok....
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Question: Hi. Do we have a doctor in this group. I have a medical question. Today I took a blood test. PIH profile test. In that SGOT is 60 and sgpt is 48 as per report it is not normal. Doctor said the liver increased. Am pregnant. Will this be a big complication for me at delivery or affect my baby. What should I do to get this into normal
Answer: Hi, If your doctor has told you liver function tests are elevated then It could be a cause of improper liver function in your baby and also to have jaundice , high bilirubin levels. there could be chance of pre term birth too. Please inform your doctor immediately to start necessary aid.You may be adviced to induce labour . For a better understanding of the test results and its effect n your baby consult your doctor immediately
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Question: I m twelfth week pregnant, today i had sex with my husband, whn i went to wash i found little bit blood... Us it normal
Answer: in starting of your pregnancy you must avoid intercourse if you see a blood clots or something like that you should check and consult by doctor they will advise you better they will definitely give you ultrasound to see that baby is overweight or not so you should avoid intercourse
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