7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 6 week pregnant .....actually i have eaten dangur fruit today ...is there any dangerous for my baby..

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Question: Today I have eaten Triple Schezwan fried rice...is there any harm to baby?
Answer: No problem you can eat, but make sure you don't eat regularly as Chinese is not great nutrient during pregnancy
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Question: I have eaten jack fruit.. Today and I have diabetes on the border.. Is there any problem for that???
Answer: Hi dear, Avoid eating jack fruit as it has lot of sugar content could spike your sugar levels.avoid it in future.since your sugar levels are in borderline,it is still necessary to mind your diet.avoid too much sugary fruits.
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Question: I m 26 week pregnant. I have eaten 3-4 dates today. Is it safe? Any risk
Answer: Hello dear. Yes, you can have 2-3 dates daily, it is rich in iron, helps in blood formation, and also best snack to have during pregnancy
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