26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 6 months pregnant.i feel the movement only below the navel that is lower abdomen.is it ok?

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Answer: Yes dear..feeling babies movement is itself enough..if u have any other complications then ur dr would have told already
Answer: It is ok..baby position is below ...thts why mother feels mobement below the navel
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Question: I feel the movement of baby only in the lower abdomen doc is it OK
Answer: Hello dear. It's normal for the baby to be on one side - the embryo implants on one side (either right, left, down or up) and that's where the baby is. A better way to encourage your baby to move is to go lie down for a while. Take care.
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Question: Hai good morning, From past couple of days I don't feel movement much.Sometime if I feel the movement that to in the lower abdomen.Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, It is normal to feel less movements now.as you know baby is growing rapidly and the space in uterus is less.baby cannot move much.it is also natural to feel movements towards down.baby is moving towards birth canal.
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Question: I feel baby movement only in lower tummy aur near navel...not in upper tummy...is it ok.?
Answer: Hello dear..yes its totally normal... movement depends on position of baby. ..some babies do more movement in upper tummy some in lower.. Don't worry at all
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