7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 3rd week pregnant....is it wise to take stairs...all of a sudden I took stairs and feeling very tired...any problem?

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Answer: U can use stairs very often.. But avoid using it more
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Question: I m 26 week pregnant. I have cough and fever from yesterday. Feeling very tired. Shall I take any medicine
Answer: Hello dear Dont panic if u have fever in pregnancy. But u have to take proper medication as it can affect ur baby too. It can be cought by cold or cough. Following remedies u can try to get relief from fever: 1. Add one teaspoon of tulsi (basil) leaves to a cup of hot water and steep for five minutes. Drink it thrice or four times a day 2. Add one teaspoon of mustard seeds to a cup of hot water and steep for five minutes and then drink. If fever does not go with above remedies then better u can consult ur doctor
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Question: Hi..i m on my start of 3rd trimester and i have been sleeping morethan 10hrs a day is it problem..if its a problem how can i overcome it..and i m feeling very tired always..
Answer: Hi Do take more nutritious fluid diets like healthy fresh juices,tender coconut,milk ,butter milk and all as liquid ll help to keep you hydrated and brisk also do engage yourself in your interests or hobbies like book reading,movie watching,music and all so that baby too ll listen at this stage and baby also ll become brisk..
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Question: Hello mam.....i am feeling very tired and sleepy all day.........i take dufastone.....is it normal or any weakness?
Answer: Dear duphastone cause problem is sleeping so if you are feeling sleepy all day it is not due to the medicine. It's normal to feel tired as your body works to protect and nurture the developing baby. And sleepy you are feeling due to all the hormonal changes going on inside. Hope it helps.
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