39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 38 weeks pregnant and my doctor says the baby has not come down. Any specific things I should be doing??

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Question: I am seven month pregnant my doctor says my baby head has come down and I have a pain so is this chances of premature delivery
Answer: This is false labour don't worry. It will come for 10-15 mints and then stop. Even if the head has become cephalic position it will take time for the baby to drop and and cervix to dialate and then only will actual labour pain will start
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Question: Hi, I am 38 weeks pregnant and delivery date given to me is 26th sept. But doctor says that my baby's head has not come down up to that level which it should be . Please advice.
Answer: some may not drop until a few hours before labor. Don't worry if it is a couple weeks before your due date and your baby hasn’t dropped yet. Some experts believe you can use different techniques to help your baby settle into your pelvis- Bouncing or moving your hips in a circular motion on a birthing ball could encourage your baby to drop. Exercise, like walking, squats, and pelvic tilts, may also induce your baby to drop. Make sure to discuss these exercises with your doctor.
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Question: I am 38 weeks pregnant now n my baby is in head down position but the Dr. says baby uphar h what does this mean. Should I go for operation or the baby will come down automatically I should wait
Answer: Doctor might have mentioned that ur baby have not dropped in the pelvis till now...It is not a concern..Dropping or engagement in pelvis can even occur just before the start of labor... Don't worry about c section......Stay positive and pray for normal delivery....The thing she said might not cause operation...
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