37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 37 weeks pregnant and dr advised me to have c section as baby position is cephalic..what should be done ...will the baby position change???

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Answer: As far as I know cephalic is ideal position for normal birth ...mine is also cephalic... Means baby head is down ... Pls take second opinion before going for c section... show ur reports to some other doctor also
Answer: Cephalic is the position for normal delivery. Why go for c section
Answer: Dr is saying baby's head is floating
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Question: Hie mam..i'm 37 weeks pregnant..but my baby is in breach position..doc advised me for c section on 24 ..is dis okiee!what should i do
Answer: Go for c section thats fine.. there is risk in normal delivery with breech..
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Question: I have cephalic position and I am 30 weeks pregnant... Is it possible that the cephalic position may change to breech in coming weeks or it will be the same (cephalic) till delivery..??
Answer: Hi. At 30 week baby position os not fixed. Babies take there final.cephalic position between 32 to 37 week. Once baby is in cephalic losition there is almost no chance ghat baby would come in breech position.
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Question: I m 37 week pregnant..dr advised me for c section as baby position is cephalic..i m confused
Answer: Same with me but i hv consulted 2-3 doctors...very less chances for baby to mobe now. What is weight of baby?
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