37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 37 weeks of pregnant baby in breech presentation n I'm having severe itching doctor asked me to do bile acid if bile acid range above 20 need to do emergency LSCS is it ok

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Answer: With breech presentation normal delivery is not possible. Don't panic delivery can be done at 37 weeks on medical requirement. Stick with your doc suggestion. Notify your doc after the test result, if the report shows high value delivery is suggested.
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    Shilpamahendiran607 days ago

    Thank you mam baby weight is 2.23 kg is it ok

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    Swathi Devi607 days ago

    What is mean by breech position

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    Shilpamahendiran606 days ago

    Baby Head is not turing towards mothers pelvic (hip ) it should happen within 34-36 weeks

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Answer: Oh dear,it is very common thing in pregnancy..my friend used to have the same ,full body itching too. she was on medication till delivery time..am not sure how much was her bike acid count,but yes she was on treatment..she has no issue with baby otherwise..so dnt worry .
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Question: I'm 37 weeks pregnant having severe heartburning tat is symptoms of labour pain
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