37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 36weeks 3days pregnant. I had inner thigh and pubic bone pain since 8th month. From yesterday it suddenly gone. Is that a problem? It's because my baby changed it position or what? Please someone help me.

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Question: Hi, I'm having pelvic bone pain, is it normal? Because it's very hard to lift my legs when I'm trying to stand from the sleeping position and also I feel pain while I'm walking. Kindly reply me
Answer: Hi dear,It is normal to run of the mill pelvic discomfort during pregnancy, try these tips. Take a warm--never hot--bath or stand in the shower and let the water hit your back. Try a pelvic support garment, which can keep the uterus from pushing down on your pelvis. Wear low-heeled shoes with good arch support. Try to avoid quick movements and sharp turns at the waist. Get a prenatal massage. Exercise regularly--it could help prevent pain in the first place
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Question: From yesterday I'm getting urine continuesly 9-10times i might had gone to urine.Is that a problem?what actually is that? Is that symptoms for labour?
Answer: Its normal. As your baby is well grownand there's very less dpace for the bladder to store urine, you'll feel frequent urge to urinate.
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Question: Hi. Suddenly I am feeling so much pressure in my pubic bone. I feel very difficult to move from one position to other. Please help is it labor?
Answer: Hi You are just in 36 weeks which is too early for labor..but pain or pressure in pelvic region or more strong and frequent moves are sign of labor so please do visit doctor immediately as 36 weeks is pre term for labor
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