36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 36 wk pregnent,i think my baby dropped down, because i m fleeling pubic pressure and frequent urination and also urine leakage. So how long it will take to start labor pain?

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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant and I am having slight andominal pain and pressure while urination and frequent urination also . Is it normal ?
Answer: Hi! Visiting the loo frequently in pregnancy is very common, it can start as early as in first trimester and go till second trimester as well. The frequent loo visit is due to your expanding uterus which puts pressure on your bladder. This pressure remains almost same till the time baby is delivered. Dont worry this is normal and part of the pregnancy journey. Good luck!
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Question: After mucus plug discharged... How long it take to start labor. I m in 39th week pregnancy
Answer: After one week usually its a signal basically. But if you have some other issues then it may take time. Regards
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Question: Hello doctor , i m 26 week pregnant, i feel pressure in my lower abdomen, frequent urination and watery discharge. I completed antibiotics course also, but situation is same
Answer: Its my pleasure. I know how we feel in dis situation.
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