35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 35 weeks pregnant and today i have 140/70 BP. What is the reason behind high bp?

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Answer: Check your diet. Reduce carbs and sugar. Dont eat any maida items.
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Question: I am 23 week pregnant and my bp is 140/70.is it normal or high .
Answer: Normal bp reading is below 120/80. Although some doctors prefer to see reading lower than 115/75. Prehypertension occurs when the blood pressure reading is between 121/80 and 139/89. High bp is defined as anything above 140/90.
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Question: I am 28 weeks pregnant and i have high BP around 140/105 .What should I do.
Answer: Reduce ur salt intake Meditate Dont stress urself Its better to take labetalol and ecospirin or any anti hypertensive whatevr ur doctor prescribes Do urine albumin test too
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Question: I had my first appointment today and my bp is high 140/90 ...what could be the reason and what should i do
Answer: This is not good. High BP is dangerous during pregnancy. Consult with your doctor immediately. You should start with BP meds soon.
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