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Question: I'm 35 weeks 3 days pregnant.. can I eat black raisins?

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Answer: hi dear during pregnancy almost all the women will face hormonal imbalance which cause digestive issues. eating black raisins regulate these. raisins r rich in calcium which is important for both pregnant women and also is essential for babies born development in the womb. eating handful of raisins numerous benefits for both mother and baby as well and it is highly healthy nutrition packed snack.
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    Sathiya R831 days ago

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Question: Hi... I'm 14th week of pregnancy...can I eat Dry raisins..and it is affecting baby skin tone black?.....can I eat are not that dry raisins...
Answer: Hello, Yes dear you can have raisins. it will not do any harm to your baby or it will not put any kind of effect on baby skin tone .don't worry it's quite healthy have 5-6 raisins throughout the day it's healthy and safe.
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Question: Hi, I'm 31 weeks pregnant. Can I eat black grapes?
Answer: hello! yes you can eat black grapes but in small amount.The major problem of consuming grapes in excess amounts is they contain large amounts of resveratrol. It is a toxic compound that is dangerous for the pregnant women whose hormones are imbalanced. It leads to resveratrol poisoning that further causes many complications during pregnancy.
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Question: can I eat black raisins
Answer: Consuming raisins during pregnancy helps the growing foetus develop good eyesight. pregnant women should eat raisins to reduce the chances of the foetus developing any birth defect, especially related to the eyes.
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