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Question: I m 32 weeks pregnancy..my gct level is 149.1 mg/dl ..is it serious???

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Answer: Stop using sugar, as the limit of gct is less than 140. Pls consult your Gyniac.
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Question: I'm 26 weeks pregnant and my Gct is 328 mg/dl. Is it something to worry
Answer: Hi. Yes your gct is too high. Nornml gct is 140mg/dl. You need to control this. first of all contact your doctor they would prescribe you some medicines do take them on time. Avoid carbohyderate. Add soluble fiber in your diet. Drink plenty of water this will help kidneh remove excess sugar.
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Question: My gct level is 149 mg/ dl , is it normal or anything is to be worried about..
Answer: Hi dear, Diabetes or sugar during pregnancy is though a common but at the same time controling is equally important.normal sugar level post eating should be below 140 mg/DL. Fasting sugar should be below 100. Few life style changes can bring back sugar balance. Eat smaller frequent meals instead of larger meals.this will ensure sugar balance throughout the day. say no to all forms of sugar and avoid refined food. Whole grains and proteins which are slowly digested can raise sugar slowly.prefer brown rice over white rice.oats and whole wheat are preferred.exercises can be very beneficial during such cases too.keep monitoring sugar level. Uncontrolled sugar could make larger baby and preterm labor.Also refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: Hello, I am 32 weeks pregnant now. After taking 75 gms glucose and 2 hour GCT my sugar level is 162 mg/dl. Is it too high? Will it effect my baby? I am worried. Please answer
Answer: Hi dear, Ideally the level should be below 140 mg/DL.yes,the sugar level you mentioned is bit high but not to panic much.unless you have any diabetes,this result won't harm .but make sure,you avoid any kind of sugar from diet.no refined food like maida.eat whole grain food,and foods with high glycemic index like whole wheat ,brown rice,oats,quinoa.nuts are excellent for balancing sugar.eat in smaller amount at a time, instead of one large meal.also include active Life style.high sugar could be a potential risk for large babies,and pre term labor.and most of the c sections happen due to gestational diabetes.also consult with your doctor regarding this.you can also check healofy app for healthy diet in pregnancy.
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Question: I'm 25 weeks pregnant and my Gct is 328 mg/dl. Is this something to worry
Answer: Hello dear, During pregnancy a normal sugar level should be, In fasting less than 95 mg/dL,  1 hour after eating less than 140 mg/dL,  and 2 hour after eating less than 120 mg/dL . Your level is too much high, immediately consult your doctor and start medicine. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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