29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 29 week pregnant and during my 6th month scan (23 week) my cervical length was 2.2 cm only.Doctor suggested to have good rest.Does any one have the same situation ?if yes, how to over come these

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Answer: hi dear! so yes you will have to take bed rest and also you cannot have intercourse . normally with bed rest everything will be fine which means that the length wont increase but it will reduce further decreasing in length dear.an dont worry rest all is fine. also try not to travel long distance dear. take care.
Answer: Even i have similar problem...take complete bed rest. Keep 2 pillows below your feet for support.
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Question: Hello mam. I had 3 month scan according to which my cervical length is 3.2 cm, it was 3.5 cm during my frst scan. Is it normal? And Nuchal fold thickness 2.5mm. what actually cervical length and Nuchal fold??
Answer: Hi dear your cervical length is fine. Cervical is the opening of uterus it actually close the mouth of uterus and keep baby in uterus and nuchal fold is Nuchal translucency is a collection of fluid under the skin at the back of your baby's neck. It checks if baby is having any abnormalities or not and that also is fine in your report..
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Question: Hi..... my 16 th week scan report says that my cervical length is 3.1 cm is it normal or I have to take care much????
Answer: Hi dear, Cervical length is the length of the lower end of uterus.in non pregnant women it is 4-5 cm.ince you are at 18week,average length of the cervix is around 3.5cm.anything below,2.2 cm could increase your chance of preterm labor.initial symptoms of shorter cervical length,could be: 1- vaginal discharge which is often pink or tan 2- increased pelvic pressure 3-watery white discharge 4- spotting 5-bachaches 6- premenstrual like cramps Though the above symptoms could also be due hormonal changes,but it's better to check with your doctor.it usually decreases only at the final stages to induce labor. Cervical insufficiency,is the reason for such early dialation of cervix and shortening the length.
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Question: Hi now i'm 26 th week pregnant.in scan i have twin babies. And doctor says cervical length is normal.i haven't under no stitches, and its my 1st baby and i have one laprascopic operation.and after one month i'm pregnant..these are my health condition.in this situation if possible to normal delivery????
Answer: Yes do not worry. Normal delivery is possible in twins if you reach 39 th week and your babies turn head down.
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