28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 28 weeks pregnant, can I take half sinarest?

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Question: I'm coughing. Can I take Azithromycin. 28 weeks pregnant.
Answer: No dear you should not as it is a kind of antibiotic and you should not take any kind of medicine without consulting with your doctor. you can try home remedies to treat your cough . gargle with salt water , take warm birth, you can have a tablespoon of Ginger juice mixed with a drop of honey it can cure your cough.
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Question: Can I take sinarest for cold, I'm 6months pregnant
Answer: Medication during pregnancy must be taken only after consulting with your gynecologist dear as medicine can have adverse effects on your baby's growth and development if it is a medication that's not advisable during pregnancy..
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Question: I'm 6 months pregnant. Can i take sinarest for copd?
Answer: Yes you can. My doctor suggested this medicine when I was suffering from cough.
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