28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 27weeks primi , till now no I don't have any problem of edema or Melasma . Now from two weeks I started having Melasma and also pedal edema ( urine albumin and bloop pressure was normal. I heard from a friend that nothing to be done for Melasma & in case if I try something from home remedy, that be permanent . Please help me how can I get rid of Melasma.

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Question: Hi ! I m in my 19 weeks and got 2.6 cm cervix...but i don't find any kind of difficulty till now ...no symptoms.. nothing ... should i worr
Answer: Hi dear the cervix length is around 4 to 5 cm when you are not pregnant and then pregnancy it keeps dilating with the pressure as the baby keeps growing now at 19 weeks 2.6 cm cervix is less and though you do not have any symptom but it might be risky for the Unborn baby i am sure ur doctor might want you to get get cervical cerclage done to save the baby and to save your pregnancy Now since you have cervical Incompetence e please avoid intercourse please do not lift any heavy weight please do not walk fast and listen to what your doctor has to say.. Take care.
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Question: Till now no Labour pains and nothing I'm already over I admitted in hospital today they said that will check on Monday what to do I don't understand?
Answer: Hi relaxed if you are not getting naturally labour you doctor when try to induce pains and therefore the doctor has invented you already with induced Paints you make go into labour if that also doesn't work then doctor may suggest t to going for a C section delivery depending upon the other medical factors
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Question: Sometimes I don't suffer from constipation and sometimes I do ... what should be done to get rid of this problem
Answer: Constpation during pregnancy is a common problem. Take fibre rich food... Like oats, green leafy vegetables, friuts etc. Drink plenty of water... If you feel very discomfort, u can choose laxative powder after discusing with doctor to ease motion
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