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Question: I'm 25 week pregnancy nd my hemoglobin is 10.2 it is normal or not

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Answer: Yes in pregnancy we need to maintain our HB level at least above 10 so yours is fine but you will need to maintain it and have iron rich food include beetroot, pomegranate and spinach in your diet as well as I have plenty of water avoid tea and coffee too much
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Question: My hemoglobin is 10.2 is it normal?
Answer: Yes absolutely normal 😊👍normal range is 10 to 14
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Question: hemoglobin 10.2 g/dl is normal or not
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy hemoglobin level is little less 11 and above is very good you can improve your hemoglobin by taking leafy vegetables dates you can also have tomato juice without seeds so that absorption rate of haemoglobin to your body will be more good luck
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Question: I'm 25 week pregnant.. My Tsh value is 10.2..is it normal or abnormal... I'm having thyroid tablet daily 100 mcg. Will it effect baby growth.. Please advice
Answer: It is abnormal. Normal range is written on the right side of the report. It should be lie within the range.
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