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Question: I'm 24 years old. I got my last period on jan 23. This month ( February ) i haven't got my period yet. Is there any possibility of getting pregnant.

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Answer: Hi dear, If you have missed your period for the first time,then there is high possibility of you being pregnant.kindly Che k your pregnancy on 3 rd march with first urine in morning.asby then your pregnancy hormones would have risen enough.
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    Anu C Suresh177 days ago

    Yes I'm Missing it for the first time. Thank you so much for the response. I'll check on 3rd march. 😍

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Question: Dr I'm getting my period early last month I got my period on 27th Dec this month on 22 Jan
Answer: Hello dear. If it is a regular thing then it means your period cycle is 27 days which is absolutely normal. Period cyvle of 25 to 35 days is considered normal. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi .. i had intercourse on jan 11 th n my last period starts on 25 th dec is there is any chance for getting pregnant in this time
Answer: There are chances of pregnancy which you can only confirm after you have missed periods.
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Question: I'm getting severe back pain now and my period is yet to come on 27th Jan.. Is this any symptoms of pregnancy ?? Please reply
Answer: Hello dear, If you were trying, it could be pregnancy symptoms. For get confirmation wait till your next period date or you can check hcg level at hospital. It is a good idea to confirm your pregnancy before missed period.
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Question: Am trying to get pregnant and i haven't got my period yet this month.. i got my last periods on November 23. How long should i wait to take a home pregnancy test?
Answer: Atleast ten days after ur prd date..
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